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LifeSpring International Ministries was founded nearly twenty years ago and has developed with a growing ministry team that has tremendous impact. Whether ministering one-on-one or in conferences or workshops, each team member can stand on their own. They each are seasoned ministers of the Gospel and know how to cooperate with the Glory of God in the realms of Heaven.

The focus and mission of LifeSpring is to lead the body of Christ in understanding spiritual revelation. We provide resources, training, inspiration, and elevation to develop the sons of God. This takes many expressions which you can learn more about on our Home page.

About Ron Horner

Dr. Ron Horner is an apostolic teacher specializing in understanding the operations of the Court System of Heaven, Engaging Heaven, and how to get free from captivity of all sorts. He has written over thirty books on the Courts of Heaven, angels, Engaging Heaven, and related topics. He resides in central North Carolina with his wife Adina.

With his dedicated team, together they help people, businesses, and ministries around the globe engage successfully in the Courts of Heaven and the realms of Heaven.

Nothing is hard because nothing is impossible.

How did I get started in the Courts of Heaven?

Several years ago I was attending a conference where the speaker mentioned the phrase, "Courts of Heaven." Instantly, I heard Holy Spirit say to me, "Study that."

Upon returning home from the conference, I compiled a list of "court-related" words and using my only Bible program, began to search out how many verses in Scripture related to the Courts of Heaven. I was surprised to learn that on my initial search, I found over 1700 potential verses related to the Courts of Heaven. This spoke to me of the significance of the subject.

I began to study scripture and find what I could on the subject. At that time very little was available to glean from. It was not yet a popular subject. I began to have requests to conduct seminars and meetings to teach on the Courts of Heaven and began writing books on the subject. To date I have written dozens of books on the prayer paradigm of the Courts of Heaven and related subjects.

When did the Personal Sessions start?

As I was studying the subject of the Courts of Heaven, I began to get requests for help in navigating the Courts of Heaven.

I began offering coaching sessions for people and the popularity grew. I was soon working with people from around the globe. I began training others to assist me and the Personal Advocacy Sessions were born. I also developed a training program to teach others how to duplicate what we were doing in the Courts of Heaven. We are currently in our third year of training students to be advocates in the Courts of Heaven.

We have helped hundreds find freedom through the Courts of Heaven and have delved deeply into the realms of Heaven to learn all we can on this wonderful paradigm of prayer.

Also we have helped groups around the globe learn to apply the Courts of Heaven to their intercessory work for their cities and nations. We have resources to assist in this training.


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