LifeSpring Publishing

LifeSpring Publishing was founded by Dr. Ron M. Horner, who is the author of over 30 books on subjects such as the Courts of Heaven prayer paradigm and Engaging Heaven, as well as the False Verdicts series and, most recently, the Heaven Down™ series, which includes the Best Seller, Building Your Business from Heaven Down. The Heaven Down™ business-building paradigm is revolutionizing the lives of many.

Scroll Publishers

We also have a separate self-publishing division called Scroll Publishers for authors with revelatory content.

 We can help you get your book from thought to the finished product.

Our Services

From concept to printed product, Scroll Publishers can help you walk through the process. We provide resources and assistance to bring your book project to completion.

Utilizing the Heaven Down paradigm for receiving the download of your book as it has already been written in Heaven, your job is to get it transmitted to Earth. We can help with the entire process.

As a self-published author you have many steps in getting your book published. We can help shorten your learning curve. Give us a call and let us talk about your project. We have the experience and talented team to help you accomplish your goal.


Manuscript Evaluation

We will review your manuscript for readability, conciseness, understandability, and more so that your finished product is the best.

Upon review, we will provide a simple evaluation with suggestions for your consideration.

We can recommend editors for your project, but we currently do not provide editing services for outside projects.



The next step is getting your book ready for print after your manuscript has been evaluated and edited. We can advise you on size considerations, style, and more. 

Our wealth of experience will make your life easier and lift some of the stress that sometimes accompanies book projects.

We can get your book ready for submission for printing.


Cover Design

Our talented team can help you obtain the cover concept from Heaven or work with your existing thoughts or ideas for the cover for your book. We will work with you to have your cover ready for submission and work with you through the process.


Book Publication

Whether your book is a paperback, hardback, eBook, or Kindle, we know how to prepare your project for submission and will submit your book to our Print On Demand partner. We can also prepare your book and submit it to Amazon's Kindle.

Several steps are involved in either case. We know what they are. Save yourself the headache, and put our team to work for you.


Book Promotion

Launching your project successfully is vital to the success of your book. We will advise you on useful additions to your skillset so you can promote your book well.

We don't provide these services ourselves, but may be able to recommend others who can assist you in launching and promoting your book.


Frequently asked questions

1Why do you promote self-publishing?
Self-publishing provides the author the ability to have more control over his product and provides broader profit margins that books published by traditional publishers. With royalties often averaging between $1 - $2 for traditional publishers, a self-published book can provide many times more income per book. Many other reasons exists which are easy to research.
2What resources do you provide for your authors?
We have an annual Writer's Conference to support the efforts those embracing the Heaven Down paradigm for writers.
3What is the Heaven Down paradigm?
As believers in Jesus, we are to live conscious of the reality of Heaven and the supernatural. To live Heaven Down is to live from the resources of Heaven and engaging Heaven for direction, inspiration, assistance, and blessing on our efforts of writing.