Building Sons for the Kingdom

LifeSpring International Minstries is the parent organization of the LifeSpring family of ministries found on this website. We also offer support and networking opportunities for ecclesias, ministers, and ministries around the global. We offer ministerial credentials to those connected to us. Find out more!

Our Aim

LifeSpring International Ministries is called to lead the body of Christ in understanding spiritual revelation.


As part of the calling we are to develop mature sons in the faith. We do that through our various outlets and ministries found on this website. We also provide ministerial credentials and oversight to churches, home churches, and ministries throughout the county.



We have a number of ministries connected to LifeSpring as outposts. We do not provide covering in the typical sense of the word, but we do provide oversight and alignment. We can help fledgling ministries gain their footing and help established ministries gain new ground. If you would like to align with our ministry, contact us at



Qualified individuals may apply for ministerial credentials (licensing or ordination) through LifeSpring International Ministries, Inc.  LifeSpring has been established over twenty years and Dr. Ron Horner has over 50 years of experience in his walk with the Father as does his wife, Adina.

Contact us for the Application Packet at