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But Who Am I?

By Angela Lougee

It’s time to discover and exercise your full Kingdom rights and authority.

No man or institution can confer on you any honor greater than participating in time as The Redeemed of the Lord. But do you know who you are?

In Redeemed, But Who Am I? author and Bible teacher Angela Lougee uncovers in-depth, powerful, and life-changing biblical strategies to unlock the full rights, privileges, and benefits you are entitled to as the bride of Christ. If you are eager to know more about the Creator’s sovereign plan for you, His incredible promises to you, and His supernatural power within you, accept this invitation to go on a journey through time and into the realm of eternity.

If you are tired of the shallow waters of lukewarm Christianity and want to dive deep into the heart of the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven, this book will take you there and help you:

  • Discover who you are as the Redeemed and why you are on earth.
  • Find out how to experience a greater level of God’s glory.
  • Learn to exert authority over demonic forces and cast them out.
  • See how to exercise your full kingdom rights and make room for more blessings.

Isn’t it about time you enjoyed all the benefits Christ paid to give you?

Engaging Your Imagination for Raising Godly Children

How to Create Spiritual Giants

By Rachael Testa

Rachael Testa’s Engaging Your Imagination for Raising Godly Children: How to Create Spiritual Giants is an encouraging book for parents seeking to nurture a child’s spiritual growth through the power of the imagination as well as acknowledging and engaging their spirit.

From the foundational role of exposing your child to scripture to the profound impact of worship and spoken prayers, each chapter is a treasure trove of insights and actionable guidance.

The book also transcends conventional techniques, connecting the spirit realm and imagination and delving into practices like speaking spirit to spirit and aligning your realms. Visualization as a faith technique is discussed to access the Kingdom realm of Heaven.

Engaging Your Imagination for Raising Godly Children is not just a guidebook; Testa provides a holistic resource for cultivating a child’s spiritual journey and invites you on a profound exploration of faith with her children, equipping you with the tools and wisdom to guide the next generation toward a deeply rooted and vibrant spiritual life.

The Ancient Pathways of Heaven

A Journey into the Unseen Realm

By Jeremy Friedman

The Ancient Pathways of Heaven is more than a book; it’s an invitation to heavenly exploration by faith.

For those who know that Holy Spirit dwells within them; for those who know the Father and are covenanted to Jesus and willing to enter the heavenly realms through Him as the gate… The Ancient Pathways of Heaven beckons explorers of faith.

This captivating book takes us on a spiritual journey with Jeremy Friedman as he explores the heavenly realms by faith. Each chapter recounts Jeremy’s personal encounters, painting vivid pictures of Jesus, men and women in white, and other heavenly beings. These encounters bring deep revelation as he discovers ancient doors and paths, gates, dimensions, star gates, Destiny Scrolls, the commissioning of angels, quantum shifts, and more, providing readers with rich insights for contemplation. Each revelation gives the reader something to consider. The Ancient Pathways of Heaven will inspire and encourage you to enter the heavens and access the ancient pathways yourself.

Moving Toward Sonship

Becoming Sons of the Father’s Design

By Dr. Robert Rodich

The journey begins with our divorce from the spirit of religion. Sonship has little to do with religion and is the polar anti-thesis of religion as we have known it.

The goal of fully activated sonship is to have our person (body, soul, and spirit) be in harmonious union with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to the point that even the very cells of our body vibrate to the frequencies of His being. His song becomes our song. His glory flows into our inner being and lights us up with the most glorious splendor. And then we take that and release it into the world around us.

Dr. Rodich explores some keys he has learned along his journey to sonship and how that journey affects every facet of our lives. Dig deep into this faith-building book and workbook. Experience the change that sonship brings.

Grace to Run the Race

Journeys in the Realms of Heaven

By Valerie Henderson

Grace to Run the Race is composed of 40 short stories that tell of God's grace to help us live victoriously through living from Heaven onto the earth. God wants to reveal His Kingdom secrets to those who ask, seek, and knock and Holy Spirit works to reveal God's wisdom about this narrow path and gives comfort while we run the race to complete our glorious destiny.

God wants us to use the realms of Heaven to our advantage so we can advance in His righteousness with success. By doing so, we can learn to experience Heaven today with the risen power of Jesus behind it all. Valerie embarks upon a journey through Heaven to solve every day real time issues and along the way she has encountered angels, living creatures, multiple gardens, a beautiful forest with all kinds of wildlife, and much more.

She has visited the corridors of Heaven and most importantly has seen first-hand how the grace and loving kindness of our Creator takes great care for all His creation, great and small. He is eager to have a relationship with us.

Valerie's story is not for the faint of heart but for the true seeker who desires a sincere relationship with the Lord which will unlock God's kingdom secrets to win the race.