Sandhills Ecclesia has been in the heart of Dr. Ron Horner for several years, but in recent years he has been focused on teaching & writing on the Courts of Heaven Prayer Paradigm, and ministering on the Glory of Heaven, accessing Heaven and living spirit-first by revelation.  Recently Heaven said it was time to launch it!

That event occurred in January of 2022. We currently meet with approximately 100 believers from around the globe each Sunday at 11:00AM Eastern Time. We welcome you to join our tribe!



Dr. Ron is charged with releasing revelation to the Body of Christ to produce men and women who become sons. Sons is not a gender-based term, but a positional term of maturing saints who know who they are and walk in that understanding. We want you to become who you were originally designed to become. When we use the term sons, we are not speaking of gender but of a position in the Kingdom of God.
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