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How to Engage with Us

We welcome your engagement with our ministry. On this site you can find out more about us and our resources. We focus on the Courts of Heaven, engaging Heaven, and the release of fresh revelation relevant to the sons and daughters of God.

This is our "other" website with archived videos, current video teaching, recent Blog posts and more. where you can learn about the Courts of Heaven, engaging Heaven, angels, and much more. We offer a Membership Program offering different levels of engagement and access to archived materials. Choose your membership plan based upon different monthly pricing levels, or join at the free Bronze level. Visit the site.

Weekly Mentoring Class

This free webinar is where we will teach on fresh revelation on a variety of topics -- many surrounding the Courts of Heaven, angels, engaging Heaven, developing spiritual vision and much more. Register at this link, receive an email with a Zoom Invitation Link to use each week to join the meeting. Register here.


Our online Training Platform for anyone who wants to enroll in a mini-course. We have a variety of courses available in a range of price points. Some courses require that you submit work and acts as an accountability to your training journey. See our offerings.

Facilitator Training Program

Offered once a year, this is a yearlong program to develop Courts of Heaven Advocates who would like to help others in their journey to freedom in the Courts. This flagship program runs January-December. Learn more!

Seminars & Conferences

We offer a variety of conferences and seminars; Some web-based only and others are live events. Find out more!

Platinum Weekly Webinar

A weekly 30 minute webinar for Platinum Members with a focus on intimate connection to this ministry and fresh revelation. Enroll here: Platinum Membership,

Personal Advocacy Sessions

Our trained advocates can assist you with issues and accessing the Courts of Heaven. Find out more.

Heaven Down Business

for businesses, business leaders, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs. Let us help you get your business established in the realms of Heaven so it can expand on the earth. Visit HeavenDownBusiness.com


Dr. Ron M. Horner has written nearly 30 books related to the Courts of Heaven and engaging Heaven. They are available for purchase or download from this site. Most are available in paperback, PDF, and Kindle editions. Some are available in Spanish and Afrikaans. Shop now!


We welcome your support of our ministry financially so we can continue to help people around the globe. Donate now!



A lot can happen when you are obeying God.


- Abraham